Our caregivers are very compassionate, and they can understand and empathize with patients which is an essential trait of any caregiver. We advise our caregivers to put themselves in the patients’ shoes and be sensitive to the way they may be feeling. Acknowledging and respecting patients’ concerns, wishes, or viewpoints which can help them feel cared for and validated. It may also help the caregiver and the patient communicate more freely and clearly with each other. Building trust and understanding with patients helps you to provide the best care possible. Listening to what patients say and then acting upon their requests can greatly improve their situation.

Some seniors may feel nervous when in the hospital environment or other environment that they are not familiar with, it is the duty of the caregiver to provide companionship to them. Unique Total care have a great team that takes the welfare of our clients to heart, we provide companion care to seniors so the family members don’t have to worry too much about their loved ones.