We help our clients with basic self-care tasks such as
Walking: Which includes getting around the home or outside.
Feeding: We ensure that clients get adequate nutrition as recommended daily.
Dressing and Grooming: We take pride in helping our clients maintain and regain their self-confidence which comes with adequately managing one’s personal appearance. Our services include helping clients selecting clothes, putting them on, and keeping clothes clean and more
Bathing: We ensure that our clients are kept cleaned and tidy always
Transferring: Sometimes our clients need help with mobility from a bed to a chair, or into a wheelchair. This can be very challenging when they must do it all by themselves. Our staff are always there ready to help ours seniors.
If a person is not fully independent with ADLs, then we usually include some information about the amount of assistance they require. For each ADL, people can vary from needing just a little help (such as a reminder or “stand-by assist”) to full dependency, which requires others to complete the task for them.